Monday, April 14, 2014

EaseUS Todo Backup Free: Best backup software

Increase in storage capacity of electronic products has led to think about backup strategies to secure that data. Thus an excellent backup utility software is always needed. If you look at current market about these type of software then I have only one great choice in my mind. This is nothing but EaseUS Todo Backup Free software, more importantly it is ‘free’ to download. According to my views, EaseUS Todo Backup is best backup and restore utility tool.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free: Best backup software

So which are the features which makes EaseUS Todo Backup better than others? These are those points:

  • You can backup data file, systems files, partition and hard drive files, or even individual files can be put to safe location for disaster recovery purpose. 
  • Easy and simple data backup and recovery of it without reinstalling particular application or operating system.
  • Some important features like disk upgrade, disk cloning and SSD migration are included. (These are those features which are generally given in paid version of other backup utility software.)
  • Direct recovery of any type of files from backup destination.
  • Another exciting feature which can surely amaze any one is, you are able to backup almost anything like, contacts, messages, music, pictures, videos and even call logs on your Android platform based phone. 

No Need to learn technicalities

Yes, if you are a rookie computer user and don’t know other technicalities about backup utility software then also you are able to use it easily by its sleek user interface and step by step guide to manage it.

The most important reason: it's FREE!!

Yes, it is totally free and you can enjoy free software updates on regular basis. This is the eye catching feature which fell me in love with this software. For a regular user the free version is more than enough but if are a large organization and need ultimate features and better functionality then EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation is best choice. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8

Biggest Android phone makers globally has now revealed their flagship weapons. Samsung and Sony launched their phones  Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 respectively in last month's mobile world congress in Barcelona. Every one has eyes on HTC because they were excited about their new HTC One that how it will compete the other giants. Now after launch of HTC One M8, we can easily compare these beasts face to face. So lets start competition of the year between Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8.

samsung galaxy s5 vs sony xperia z2 vs htc one m8


All these three phones are equally powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. Which is clocked at 2.3 Ghz. 

If you look for RAM then Xperia Z2 is one step ahead with 3 GB RAM where Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 only have 2 GB of RAM. 
So, in power department Xperia Z2 is ahead of the other twos.


Samsung have put a 16 MP rear camera which is capable to shoot 4K videos.

Sony has integrated their award winning Exmor RS sensor of digital camera technology in this phone same like Xperia Z1, but they have improved it's camera clarity and low light photography functionality.
On other hands, HTC One M8 is having 4 Ultra pixel sensor with dual flash, this HTC trademark technology really gives very good images specially in low light conditions.

samsung galaxy s5 vs htc one m8 vs xperia z2


If we compare display of them then HTC One M8 is having 5 inch display where Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 is having 5.1 inch and 5.2 inch display respectively. But both of them have used different technology like S5 is having Super AMOLED display where Z2 is having IPS display panel.


All these threes are having latest Android KitKat 4.4 OS. Samsung have flavored this OS with their own and newly tweaked TouchWiz interface. Xperia Z2 is also having their proprietary customized KitKat 4.4 OS. And HTC One M8 is also having this OS with Sense UI. Thus all of them having ultimate Android experience.


Deciding best phone amongst these three phone is quite difficult, because it is based on you that which phone suits your user experience. But if you are struggling to control your patience then the benefit of the HTC One M8 is that you can buy it immediately, wherees S5 and Z2 will be available in some weeks.So, you have to wait.

You can also refer our full in depth review for Samsung Galaxy S5 here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 : Exclusive Review with detailed features

Samsung officially unveiled their new flagship phone is last week’s Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona, Spain. Every gadget and smartphone lover in the world was enthusiastic about this new phone. Without losing time I am directly jumping to the review portion of this post, because no one wants to wait for a review of most awaited phone like Samsung Galaxy S5.

samsung galaxy S5 review with detailed features

Processor and RAM:

Samsung has packed it with latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which is clocked at blistering 2.5 GHz. Everyone was expecting that Galaxy S5 will come with 64 bit architecture based processor, but it did not become reality. Apple’s iPhone 5S is having this type of 64 bit processors which are said to be future of mobile phone processors. Another drawback of Galaxy S5 is only 2 GB RAM. I am personally using a 2 GB RAM phone and it is more than enough, but for a flagship like Galaxy S5 we always expect mammoth specifications (Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 3 is having 3 GB of RAM). Especially when Samsung’s own TouchWiz Android OS preloads RAM with their own customized apps, which consumes lot of RAM space and gives us least amount of RAM space to use. 

Battery Life:

Samsung Galaxy S5 packs a 2800 mAh battery that company claims can run up to 10-11 hours for heavy usage like LTE or video playback.  They also included one new battery optimizer feature called Ultra Power Saving mode which can offer 24 hours of standby time when the battery is about just 10%. Another cool feature is you can use your phone in black and white colors, thus it will not consume battery for color reproduction works and give you more usage time. 


You will get two variants of 16 GB or 32 GB on board storage capacity models of Samsung Galaxy S5. It can be expanded up to 128 GB using micro SD card. Apart from that you will also get free cloud storage provided by Samsung.

samsung galaxy S5 camera review with features


Samsung Galaxy S5 packs with a superior 16 MP rear camera which is having variety of new features.
  •         This camera is capable to shoot 4K video recording
  •          It can autofocus in up to 0.3 seconds
  •          Real time HDR
  •          ‘Live’ image preview
  •          Selective focus for capturing near, far and pan images

 So these new functionalities will surely put Samsung Galaxy S5 camera in competition  with iPhone 5S, Xperia Z2 cameras.

samsung galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner feature

Fingerprint Scanner:

Same like iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5 having finger print scanner on home button. Unlike, iPhone 5S, you have to swipe down your finger to unlock your phone. Apart from that Samsung have included PayPal payment functionality, which can be done by using fingerprint scanner. So, this will surely improve Samsung Galaxy S5’s security issues.

Water Resistance:

Copying Sony Xperia phones, Samsung have made Galaxy S5 water and dust resistant. Read twice my last sentence, the phone is water resistant. So, you cannot use phone directly into water. So, this is limitation of this phone which is not there in Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2.

Samsung Galaxy S5 S health heart rate monitor

S-Health Heart Rate Monitor:

One of the stand out element of Samsung Galaxy S5 is its heart rate monitor. Samsung concentrated heavily on health related features for this phone and they included this innovative feature. The sensor is located on camera and you can measure heart rate by putting finger on that. Samsung’s own wearable range Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear 2 Neo will be capable to integrate with all these health related apps. 

Final Verdict:

Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly packed with all optimum specifications and it will be sold like hot cake because of grand success behind its predecessors Galaxy S series.  But still all geeks are not very much impressed with Samsung Galaxy S5 because they thinks that Samsung copied many things and did not included any special feature. So still, Sony, HTC, Nokia would be hoping to dent in Samsung’s market share.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unlocking Sony Xperia C

These days spotting a Smartphone is just as easy as it is to find potatoes in the street. Traditional mobile devices have been overtaken by Smartphones and it is almost impossible to imagine life without them. They’ve made everything fast and easy! You can now send emails and text messages, share photos and videos, check temperature and sports updates, and do everything else on the move – with your high-tech Smartphone.
Unlike traditional models, Smartphones do not just offer voice calling features – they also provide great interactive add-ons like video calling and Internet browsing. In short, a Smartphone is like a mini-computer that gives you access to all apps that you earlier used only on laptops and computers. You can work on MS Powerpoint presentations, send emails, capture high-resolution photos, perform Google search, update your Twitter account and much more.
Just like there are hoards of Smartphone models available in the market, so are their makers. Some of the popular Smartphone manufacturers include Sony, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Blackberry, HTC etc.

unlocking sony xperia phones

With several model launches under its ambit, Sony has been able to grab a decent market share. The company recently launched Sony Xperia C – a model that has managed to receive favorable reviews due to its competitive pricing, appealing design and reliable battery life. While there have been mixed reviews in terms of performance, display and camera quality, Xperia C is still the love of many. And if it’s yours too and you own one – get it unlocked now!

‘When you purchased the Xperia C, it was unlocked for use with a specific connection. But you would sure want to change your service provider at some point. To be able to do so, you need to get it unlocked with the help of a unique 16-digit unlock code that is easily available from a third party onlin agency.’

Why is it important to unlock the Sony Xperia C?
Well, there are a number of reasons to free up your phone by getting it unlocked. Read below to know why:
·         If you’re travelling abroad and your phone is locked, you’ll have to pay hefty roaming charges as you wouldn’t be able to change the connection to the one used in that country. So get your phone unlocked in order to use any SIM worldwide and thus save your huge roaming charges.
·         An unlocked phone has a higher resale value.
·         You get the freedom to choose a network connection of your choice – thus enabling you to control your bills, monthly spend and more.
In case you are clutched with any apprehensions about unlocking, it will be great to know that unlocking is 100% legal. And in instances where your phone is not unlocked successfully, there is 100% money back guarantee. Unlocking your Xperia C is:
  1.    Quick and simple
  2.      Onetime process
unlocking sony xperia c phones

How to unlock your Sony Xperia C?
Unlocking a phone is highly preferable not just because it frees you to use any network, but also because it is a hassle-free process.  All you need to know is your phone IMEI number, which is easily obtainable by dialing *#06# from your keypad. Get the unlock code for your phone from Other than this you need to mention your current network connection and email ID in your purchase order. Once you confirm the order and make payment successfully, you receive the unlock code on your email ID instantly.

What next?

Once the 16-digit unlock code is there on your email ID – change the SIM on your device to the non-accepted one. When your phone asks for the unlock code – you just need to enter the code received on your email and your device will be ready to use!


It is important to take care of a few things before placing your order online. You need to check before hand for the number of attempts that are left to enter the unlock code. Other than this:
·         Recheck the IMEI carefully before submitting the order
·         In the order, mention the current network provider and not the one that you want to use

     Happy unlocking!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Problems with Windows Phone OS

Microsoft is said to be emperor in Desktop Operating Systems market. They are like synonym to PC and also for laptops. Almost all these computers are installed with Microsoft’s Windows OS. But today, the whole picture is changed. Mobile phone market has overshadowed computers market and everyone measures technology with mobile phone markets.  Currently, Apple’s much anticipated iOS and Google’s Android has conquered mobile phone OS market. And it was in October 2012 when Microsoft also entered in this market with their Windows Mobile OS and tried to make some good numbers in this market. After almost one and half year, still Microsoft is significantly lagging behind iOS and Android.

In this article I am going to discuss about what are the major problems and issues in Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. I am writing this article by experiencing these by using Nokia Lumia phones, which are exclusively using Windows OS. First of all, let me clear that the hardware used by Nokia is great. According to me, they are still best hardware manufacturers. No problem with Nokia’s hardware. But the problem is inside of the phone, the much important part Operating System. Now let me come to the point and start to describe these issues.
problems and issues with windows 8 phone os

1. No app transfer to micro SD card

Normally all Android phones comes with 4GB or 8GB of internal storage and even Windows phones also comes with these capacity. In Android phones, you can transfer your apps data to SD card and install more number of apps in your phone, in Windows phone it is a limiting factor. You cannot transfer apps into SD card.
Another issue is the apps designed for Windows phone consumes more space than Android games. For example, popular game Subway Surfer comes with a size of around 40MB on Android platform and same game comes with size of around 80MB on Windows platform. It clearly means that you will not be able to install more apps and games on your phone. 

2. Not having own file manager

This is probably one of the biggest drawback of Windows phone, you cannot get a native file manager app for your phone. You would be able to install third party file manager apps but still it is having limiting factor like you have one Read Only permissions of your SD card using your file manager. It’s kind of frustrating thing that you are not able to use all storage capacity of your micro SD card effectively.

3. Absense of LED notification light

Normally all Android phones comes with physical LED notification light which will blink whenever you will be having any missed call, Whatsapp message or a Facebook notification. On my Sony Xperia phone, whenever I have Whatsapp message it blinks with violet color, for Facebook notification it turns into blue and for a missed call it blinks with green. So it helps me a lot in everyday life of use. For a Windows phone, you will not be able for get this facility in any single model. This feature is more important if you are a busy and heavy user of Whatsapp and Facebook. 

Sony Xperia phone with notification light
Sony Xperia phone with notification light 

4. Notification bar problem

Biggest advantage of Windows phone is its Metro UI called Tile interface. It’s actually very innovative and easy to use this look. But it does not give you all notification in single screen. Like you have to scroll up and down to see notifications in their respective tiles. In Android phone, even latest iOS7 also have it's native notification bar in top of the phone and you will be able to see each and every notification very easily. 

Different notifications in their respective tile in Windows Metro UI
Different notifications in their respective tile in Windows Metro UI

5. Not having integration with Google apps

If you are a heavy user of Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube and other native Google services then you will not have a good experience with Windows phone because Google does not provide their own apps for Windows mobile platform. You will be restricted to use Google services on Windows phone.

6. Instant toggle to specific shortcuts 

For Android and iOS phones, if you want to switch on/off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi then you can do it just in one click. You can get same other features like mobile data traffic, NFC, profile, auto-rotate shortcuts in upper notification bar. Thus you can toggle to specific setting very quickly. But this is not possible in Windows phone. You have to make at least 2-3 steps for starting that service. You can create these type of shortcuts in Windows phone, but again they will still require 2-3 steps.

shortcuts in notification bar in normal Android phone
shortcuts in notification bar in normal Android phone

7. USB OTG not supported

Windows phone does not support UTG OTG and it is kind of limiting factor when you want to use your other devices with your Windows phone. It means that you cannot connect USB flash drive, music player, digital camera or keyboard to your phone. 

8. Not support to third party web browsers

This is one of the biggest problems because without good internet browser you cannot use your phone effectively. Windows phone comes with default browser Internet Explorer and it also supports UC browsers and some less known ones. But still it misses some biggies like Firefox, Chrome and Opera Mini browser. So it is a huge drawback with Windows phone.

web browsers in android and windows

So, these are some issues or problems which I noticed in Windows phone OS. If you are agree with me or even don’t agree with me then also mention your precious comment below. Thank you and enjoy my other articles. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Facebook going to launch 'Digital Newspaper' to challenge Flipboard

Facebook is going to enter in 'digital newspaper' market with its latest mobile app named 'Paper' to compete with digital newspaper giant Flipboard. According to the sources this app will be launched around end of this January month. 

facebook digital newspaper Paper

Mark Zuckerburg, who is the founder of Facebook and also was the key person behind this new product said that it is an outcome which took a long time to establish and it will digitize news from various status updates and media related companies. He did not reveled that this app would be an integrated part of present Facebook app or standalone app from Facebook app.

There were rumors in market that Facebook is loosing their users and not launching something new and exciting. It was in talks from last years summers that Facebook is doing work on this kind of app service and now they are going to launch very soon.

facebook digital newspaper Paper by Mark Zuckerburg

In case of Flipboard, it was launch in 2010 which aggregates range of articles from various media sources. It presents them in elegant and attractive manner. It is downloaded by more than 90 million users and getting huge success towards their users.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Most Watched Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2013

Popular video sharing site YouTube, which is owned by Google released its list of most watched videos in India. Indians watched everything like, movie trailers, parodies, cricket, short films, and so on.

Now we are going to share the list of top 10 videos which are most viewed and trended in You Tube India.

most watched top 10 youtube videos of 2013

Top 10 trending You Tube Videos in 2013

1        1.    Krrish 3: Official Exclusive Trailer
     2.      Dhoom 3: Official Exclusive Trailer
     3.      The Viva By Sabarish kandreluga( with English Subtitles)
     4.      Comedy Nights With Kapil: 1st September Episode with Parineeti Chopra 
          5.      Crocodile attacked by Jaguar video
     6.      Top 10 Best catches in cricket v2
     7.      Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands on Busy Beach- Part 1
     8.      Roadies X- Chandigarh auditions- Part 1
     9.      Gangs Of Social Media- Valentine’s Day Q-tiyapa
    10.     Nursery Rhymes Volume #3- Collections Of Thirty Rhymes

Top 10 Music Videos in 2013

1.       Jeene Laga Hun- Ramaiya Vastavaiya
2.       We Can’t Stop- Miley Cyrus
3.       Sunn Raha He na Tu- Aashiqui 2
4.       Tum hi Ho- Aashiqui 2
5.       Balam Pichkari- Yeh Jawani He Deewani
6.       Applause- Lady Gaga
7.       Badtameez Dil- Yeh Jawani He Deewani
8.       Exotic- Priyanka feat Pitbull
9.       Nagada Sang Dhol- RaamLeela
10.   Blue Eyes- Yo Yo Honey Singh

Top 10 Hollywood Movie Trailers in 2013(By View)

1.       X-Men: Days Of Future Past(2014)
2.       21 And Over Trailer(2013)
3.       How To Train Your Dragon 2- Official Teaser Trailer
4.       Iron Man 3- Official Trailer UK marvel | HD
5.       Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer UK- Official Marvel |HD
6.       The Hangover Part III Official trailer #1(2013)- Bradley Cooper Movie HD
7.       The Wolverine- International trailer
8.       The Fast And Furious 6 Official Super Bowl Trailer HD
9.       Thor: The Dark World Official trailer
10.   Man Of Steel: “Fate Of Your Planet” official trailer

Top 10 Short Films in 2013(By View)

1.       The Viva By Sabarish kandreluga( with English Subtitles)
2.       The Girl And The Autorickshaw
3.       That Day After Every day- Short Film
4.       Social Awareness Film- 2nd Saturday, Say No to Child Exploitation
5.       Social Awareness Film- Child Sexual Abuse In Family
6.       International Award Winning Short Film- “Tara”
7.       Sawaal- The Unanswered Question
8.       Romantic Short Film- Gulcharrey
9.       Short Film Of Prostitution- A Life Less Fortunate: A Jyotish Menon Film
10.   Draw My Life- Sonal Sagaraya

most watched top 10 youtube music movies videos of 2013

Top 10 Original Comedy in 2013(By View)

1.       Made for Web- Top Original Comedy
2.       Gangs Of Social Media- Valentine’s Day Q-tiyapa
3.       Emotional Atya-Charge: Recharge Q-tiyapa
4.       AIB:It’s Your Fault
5.       Rowdies 9: Sab Q-tiyapa He
6.       Caller Naina: Mobile Q-tiyapa
7.       Rowdies XXX: Extra X, Extra Q-tiyapa( feat Aayushmaan Khurana & Kunal Roy Kapoor)
8.       Bhagwaan Zameen Par: A tribute to Sachin
9.       IAS Durga: Independence Day Special
10.   Gana Wala Song: The Q-tiyatic Version

Top 10 Kids Channels by Subscribers in 2013

1.       Hooplakidz
2.       Appuseries
3.       CybervillageSolution
4.       KidsCamp
5.       eDewCate
6.       HooplaKidzTV
7.       RajshriKids
8.       TheChuChuTV
9.       Kidszone
10.   Childrenrhymes

Top 10 Gaming Videos in 2013

1.       Subway Surfers trailer Google Play
2.       Temple Run 2- Official trailer
3.       Angry Birds Rio trailer
4.       Grand Theft Auto V- Official gameplay video
5.       CSR racing official trailer
6.       Cars 2 HD gameplay compilation
7.       Angry Birds In-game trailer
8.       Krrish 3- The Game
9.       Candy Crush Saga Android
10.   Subway Surfers Launch trailer

most watched top 10 youtube "how to" videos of 2013

Top 10 “How to...”(General) videos in 2013

1.       Women self-defense technique
2.       How to turn water into eyes in seconds
3.       How to dance Gangnam style
4.       How to make a hit YouTube video
5.       How to Solve a Rubik’ cube- Part 1
6.       How to palm a coin- Coin tricks
7.       How to tie a tie for beginners- Double Windsor how to tie a tie
8.       How to Break an apple in half with you finger…and fist
9.       Tell me about your self- job interview question. Good/bad answer.
10.   Dating tips- kissing types

Top 10 “How to…” videos in beauty category in 2013(By views)

1.       4 Cute Back to School Hair Styles(Promise Phan)
2.       12 Quick and simple hair styles
3.       How to Lighten Dark lips naturally
4.       Dark underarms – natural ayuredic home remedies
5.       Feather waterfall & Ladder Braid combo | Cute 2-in-1 hairstyle
6.       Volumized Poytail Hair Tutorial
7.       Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast | Home Remedies for removing under-eye dark circles
8.       Heena Mehndi design by Elegant Heena #1
9.       How to create quick hairstyles for girls
10.   Natural Home remedies for shiny shite teethes

Top 10 “How to…” videos in cooking category in 2013(By views)

1.       Hyderabadi chicken biryani
2.       Pav Bhaji by master chef Sanjeev Kapoor
3.       Vegetable hakka noodles by master chef Sanjeev Kapoor
4.       Butter Chicken – Sanjeev Kapoor’s kitchen
5.       Paneer Butter masala
6.       Mumbai Mast tomato pulav
7.       Punjabi Samosa
8.       Eggless cake in pressure cooker
9.       Quick rava idlis by Tarla Dalal
10.    Golgappa recipe – Pani Puri recipe

Top 10 “How to…” videos in fitness category in 2013(By views)

1.       4 yoga poses to reduce belly fat
2.       How to get a fat stomach with Simple easy yoga
3.       Get 6 pack abs in 12 minutes, this workout works
4.       Obesity- natural ayurvedic home remedies
5.       How to lose stomach fat in a week!
6.       Exercises to lose belly fat- Best two exercises to lose belly your fat
7.       7 Yoga poses for Glowing skin
8.       Biceps workout- 3 Bicep exercise for mass
9.       Home bicep & triceps workout
10.   The real way to lose belly fat

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reasons to update or buy Windows 8.1

If you are using still Windows XP, Windows 7 or upgraded to Windows 8, then you have much reasons to upgrade Windows 8.1 (It is totally free for Windows 8 users).  

windows 8.1 start screen
windows 8.1 start screen

These are the advantages or reasons or improvements or pros of Windows 8.1:

1. Ease of Search:

It is one of the major improvements which brings Windows 8.1 more closer to present user requirements. Just type anything using Start button and you can search anything from your PC or even on web. This is actually a Smart Search which is using Microsoft's default search engine Bing. 

windows 8.1 search screen
windows 8.1 search screen

2. Superfast Multitasking:

In windows 8, there was an ability to do multitasking. But major problem with that feature was that, it did not have re-sizing applications according to your requirements. Even it was supporting maximum two apps. But Windows 8.1 brings major improvements my bringing it more user friendly like, you can re-size them with your needs. So it is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy Note series multi-window feature.

windows 8.1 mutitasking window
windows 8.1 mutitasking window

3. Less storage space:

If you are using Windows 8 right now then you may be quite wondering that your C drive consumes lot of space by just with Windows 8. Even you are not having more space in C drive for other applications. But Windows 8.1 is consumes almost 10-15% less hard disk space, even it gives us more features compared to previous version. 

4. UI friendly Start Screen:

Many Windows 8 users were shocked with not having Start button in bottom left of task bar. But Windows 8.1 have Start menu back in action with latest Microsoft Windows symbol. One more surprise improvement is that, you can use Start menu even with your default desktop background. This is quite minor change, but traditional users of old Windows UI may feel some joy. 

windows 8.1 UI integration

5. App Updates:

In today's condition, your every gadget have so many apps. Even they require updates after some time. So if you are tired of being busy in such boring tasks. Then Windows 8.1 have features to update apps automatically. Even they will be updated in background. 

6. Better personalized lock screen:

In Windows 8.1, you have options to use multiple slideshow like images with your lock screen. You have option to check Emails, use calender,. even without unlocking the lock screen. It is quite user friendly and good improvement.

windows 8.1 skydrive integration

7. Skydrive integration:

Windows is looking for Cloud storage, and Skydrive is one step to achieve that integration. By using Skydrive, you can save your file on your computer and access it from anywhere. So it is like iCloud which is working on Apple devices. 

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